Event Date

James Street
United Kingdom

Guaranteed Charity Place

Charity Place: Fundraising Option:

Full Challenge - £50 + £395 fundraising pledge

Half Challenge - £50 + £275 fundraising pledge

Quarter Challenge £40  + £150 fundraising pledge

For more information please get in touch on e: teamsands@sands.org.uk , t: 02038976092 or send us a message on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sandscharity)!

  • To join as a self funder:

    You pay an upfront fee for the cost of your place and may fundraise for us with no minimum sponsorship.

    Self-funding costs are:

  • Full Challenge - £175
  • Half Challenge - £125
  • Quarter Challenge - £65

The fantastic views, natural beauty and tough hills helps makes this a truly spetacular and challenging challenge.   First suggested as a route for trekking 50 years ago, it is truly an area which has not lost anything with age and a route which on finishing will provide a true sense of self-discovery.

Setting off on Saturday morning from Bath. A city known for it’s Georgian architecture and hot springs you will then make your way up  the Cotswold Way along 100km of footpaths and trails to get to the memorable Cheltenham finish line celebration.

Through taking on the magical Cotswold Way, you will  have a true experience of self discovery and we will provide you with:

•             A fundraising pack

•             Free Sands Wicking top or T shirt

•             Fundraising advice from our team to help you achieve your target.

Through taking on the Cotswold Way, you will raise much needed money to help us prevent more babies from dying and  meet the growing need for our support services. 

Once you have had your place in this event confirmed please let us know so you can Join Team Sands.